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Bethe Correia TKO’s Shayna Baszler In Second Round At UFC 177

Bethe Correia put on a striking clinic in the second round of her fight with Shayna Baszler tonight at UFC 177 to earn a TKO stoppage.

Round One:

No touch of the gloves here. Baszler in close and gets the clinch early, pressing her opponent against the cage. Correia trying to move away, but Baszler sticking to it.

They go to the mat and Correia ends up on top. Baszler threatening with an armbar submission from her back. Correia slowly manages to force herself free and quickly backs out of danger and brings the fight back to the feet.

Bazler lands a punch as they exchange in close. Baszler again goes for the clinch against the cage. She’s looking for a single leg here, but Correia defends it well and then manages to spin her around. She backs away and lands a few hard uppercuts.

Bazsler trying for a takedown, but Correia sprawls nicely. She lands a few hammerfists, but she’s warned by the ref as they were to the back of the head. Baszler manages to get on top of Correia in the final 30 seconds of the round and locks in a guillotine attempt, but Correia is able to ride it out until the bell sounds.

Round Two:

Baszler with the better punches in the first exchange of the round, but then Correia starts working nicely to the body and head.

Baszler back to the clinch game again,but Correia gets out and starts landing more hard shots to the body and she looks hurt.

Correia is teeing off on her now going to the body and the head with relentless, accurate punching combinations and Baszler is offering nothing in return, exerting all her energy into just staying upright.

Baszler’s showing a good chin, but she’s eating way too many punches here and in the end the referee is left with no option but to call an end to the fight by TKO with 1.56mins of the second round gone.

Great performance from Correira, absolutely lighting up Baszler on the feet with crisp offensive striking there that evoked memories of other notable volume punchers like Nick Diaz and Michael Bisping.

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