Ian Heinisch Defeats Cezare Ferreira By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 140

Late replacement Ian Heinisch picked up a unanimous decision victory on his debut against Cezar Ferreira tonight at UFC fight Night 140 on Buenos Aires.

Round One:

Heneisch taking the center of the cage. he throws an overhand that Ferreira steers clear of and lands a kick in return.

Head kick attempt from Heinisch misses. Ferreria lands a takedown in the middle of the Octagon. Heinisch does well to stand back, but Ferreira remains in the clinch against the cage. However, despite working on another takedown, Ferreira is forced to let go and eats an elbow as they separate.

Nice straight left for Ferreira. Body kick for Heinisch. Heinisch taking the center of the Octagon again, but eats a left hand. Leg kicks exchanged.

Body kick for Heinisch, but Ferreira catches that and drives him into the cage. Heinish goes for a guillotine choke and drops down to the mat against the cage with it.

Heinisch working hard for this, but Ferreira is being patient and letting his opponent burn his arms out on this attempt, then finally gets his head free and is now on top with most of the final minute of the round remaining.

Heinisch trying to look for an armbar attempt from his back though. In the final seconds of the round he goes belly down on it, but he doesn’t quite have it and Ferreira is able to survive.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Ferreira just misses. He steps straight into a a successful takedown though. Heinisch gets up, but is brought straight back down again.

Heinisch working on a kimura. Ferreira in half guard for now. Heinisch manages to get back to his feet. Leg kick for him.

Straight left for Ferreira. Kick now. Front kick to the body. Ferreira tries for a takedown, but that one is stuffed. Heinisch still taking the center of the Octagon here.

However, Ferreira drives in for a takedown and lands it. Heinisch scrambles to his knees and gets back upright. Back to striking range in the center of the Octagon they go.

Head kick for Heinisch. Punch lands for Ferreira. Now another left hand for him. Heinisch with an overhand, but it just comes up sort.

Right hand from Heinisch in the final 10 seconds of the round and it floors Ferreira, but he can’t put him away in the time remaining.

Round Three:

Kick for Ferreira. Heinisch stalking now. Good left for Ferreira. Stumble from Heinisch. Ferreira in on single leg takedown and lands it. Heinisch stands back up though. Ferreira pressing him against the cage looking for another takedown. Nice reversal from Heinisch to end up pressing Ferreira to the cage.

They break apart and go back to striking range. Heinisch with a left hand as Ferreira also lands. Ferreira clinches and presses his opponent to the cage. He goes for a takedown, but Heinisch stays upright.

Ferreira goes for it again, but Heinisch defends well. Heinisch landing some hard punches and seems to have him hurt then takes Ferreira down.

Ferreira trying to stand but eats some heavy punches as he does so. Heinisch still landing as they go upright. Ferreira manages to clinch up though and presses him to the cage as he looks to recouperate. If he wants to win this round he needs to do something though.

Heinisch works for a takedown, but instead they separate. Heinisch with a right hand. Ferreira clinches up, but not for long. Heinisch with a left and a right. He works a single but fails on it. He’ still stalking his opponent though and lands a big elbow and a punch behind it.

He tries to keep throwing heavy leather, but his punches are coming in slower and slower as fatigue sets in during the final seconds. Ferreira joins in and also looks like he’s underwater as labored punches are thrown to end the round.


Heinisch stepped in on short notice to take this fight, but you wouldn’t have known it from his performance as he took the action to Ferreira and manages to earn himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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