Clay Guida Defeats Michael Johnson By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 184

Clay Guida outworked Michael Johnson to a clean sweep on the scorecards tonight at UFC Fight Night 184 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Johnson firing out the jab. Inside low kick from Guida. He lands it again. One-two lands for Johnson. He lands again and Guida connected too with a hook there.

Both men landing early here. Guida scores solidly. Another hard right for Guida. Johnson lands. Guida attempting a head kick as he pours on some early pressure.

Guida punches his way into a takedown attempt. He’s got Johnson up against the cage. Guida able to dump Johnson to the mat.

Guida in half-guard. He’s got a guillotine set up here, but Johnson is able to work to his feet without Guida sinking that in.

Back to striking range now with Guida sporting some blood to his forehead. Johnson landing a knee here. Now he doubles up on a kick low and high. Johnson presses Guida up against the cage now.

Knee to the body from Guida. He lands it again. Johnson backs up to striking range. 60 seconds of the round remaining. Clipping right hand from Johnson. Big right for Guida. Johnson with a flurry in response.

Right hook for Guida. Now Johnson with a left hook and they are both swinging hard. Front kick to the body for Johnson. Again the overhand right lands for Guida. The fight hand has been working for him all round long.

Round Two:

Both fighters again slugging it out to start the second round, with Guida leading the dance.

Guida working for a takedown and gets on top. Johnson able to struggle back to his feet, but Guida is still working another double leg attempt and then a single. Johnson punches to the head and body as he gets up and tries to get away from Guida, but his opponent goes after him with punches and a head kick attempt.

Johnson trying to work his boxing, but Guida is back in on a single leg. Johnson defends and throws a knee as he moves away.

Guida in on another takedown and Johnson manages to reverse it, but Guida is straight back up and working some knees in close.

Wild exchange of missed punches now. Guida throws a leg kick and eats a punch in return. Johnson feeding out the right hand, but Guida moves in looking for another takedown. Johnson prevents it and Guida continues to work to bring the fight to the mat as the round ends.

Round Three:

Guida pressuring. Exchange in close and good head movement from Johnson. Guida ducks a punch too. Guida misses with a knee attempt.

Punches for Johnson and Guida lands too. Johnson caught Guida there, but Guida rushes into a takedown and lands it to buy himself time to recover.

Johnson on his knees and then stands, but Guida presses him into the cage. Guida trying for the takedown, but Johnson stopping him from completing it. They are both on their knees now and Guida is being as tenacious as ever, not giving up on what’s mostly a 50/50 position.

However, that persistence pays off as Johnson tries to stand and Guida takes his back. Guida working a choke here. He’s got it in and rolls back onto the mat with the body triangle locked in and continues to crank on the choke.

Johnson surviving though and Guida gives up on the choke for now. A minute to go and Guida will be happy to ride out the time like this with Johnson trapped in that body triangle.

Johnson struggling to escape but there’s only 10 seconds left now and this one is going to the judges for a decision.


Guida was as industrious and energetic as ever as he outworks Johnson to earn a unanimous decision victory here (30-27 x3).

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