Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Engage In Lengthy War Of Words

Conor McGregor has sparked off a lengthy war of words with his old rival Nate Diaz that’s rekindled the feud between the two.

It began with McGregor posting a photo of a staredown between the two men as he hinted he was sizing up a trilogy fight with Diaz.

“Now add 30lbs of muscle on me and say ding ding in a Dublin accent,” McGregor wrote alongside the photo, suggesting he’d bulk up considerable at welterweight if they were to fight again.

However, Diaz wasn’t impressed given that they can’t fight now even if they wanted to.

Bruh u can’t walk or fight right now why u talkin shit? we talk later,” Diaz replied.

McGregor saw it differently though.

Who can’t?” McGregor retaliated.  “Come thru and see you little skinny fool you be smacked up and rolled up you bum. Calis mine.”

That prompted a lengthy response from Diaz.

Nah bitch u should’ve learned how to not break ur leg when I checked ur shit and u crutched outta the fight with me,” Diaz wrote.  “And how u gonna fight me when u can’t run for your life this time wit ur broken ass you lost the last fight and ran for the hills just like kabob ur a pussy too.

“Don’t forget kabob was scared as hell of me and he beat your ass and finished you off And Don’t forget DP scared of me also but he beat your ass and finished you too.. you’re all pusssies.

“That means I’m the double triple champ of this whole shit fuck all you pussies.

“Ps you jumped ship on your country bitch go home don’t you got any friends.”

McGregor fired back regarding the Khabib fight and then suggested that he had Diaz take their trilogy fight to the streets instead of the cage.

“He fled the cage and I boxed his whole family around,” McGregor said.  “And nobody finished me mate. I broke MY leg. No one or nothing else done anything to me. And anyway. Don’t worry bout them. I’m here in Cali months doing what I want. It’s 3 on the street now mate fuck your little sport.”

However, Diaz was eager to remind him that he’s the king of street-fighting in the UFC.

“It’s just business remember your the sports man I showed Uguys this street shit I fought both your teams out the cage before any of Uguys realized the real fight game sporty lil bitches.”

Diaz then went old-school as he served up a goofy video reminding everyone of McGregor’s former ‘movement guru’ coach Ido Portal, who used to be a significant part of the Irishman’s camp, but disappeared from the scene after ‘The Notorious’ loss to Diaz.

“I ended this guys career lol,” Diaz said of Portal.  “what happened to him get him back here u need some help and why u just throw ur friends away shithead.”

“I’m on a hair trigger mate,” McGregor stated.  “You stay where you are in hiding if you know what’s good for you bro. God bless ya kid have a good day.”

“f**k you,” Diaz replied with a smiley face.

McGregor wasn’t quite finished yet though.

“It’s none of that hitting arms and commentary screaming with me. It’s silence and holes in the head,” he continued.

“I’ll fight you in 4 years when your healed up,” Diaz informed him.

“Bones heal. Blunt force trauma to the brain? Not so much. #seeyouwheneveriwant,” McGregor retaliated.

“‘You taking everything I worked for motherfucker’ hahahaja well then work harder you little cockroach #foreverrich #bye,” McGregor said at his closing line.

“And you dead,” Diaz responded along with a photo of McGregor sprawled out on the canvas after being rear-naked choked by him in their first fight.

A Diaz trilogy fight has always been in McGregor’s back-pocket as a potential option, and after back-to-back losses to Poirier it may seem like a more appealing option for his eventual comeback fight after the broken leg – particularly since Diaz rarely kicks, instead opting to utilize his boxing ability.

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