Conor McGregor interview

Conor McGregor has decided not to go ahead with an acting role in Vin Diesel’s upcoming movie sequel, ‘XXX: The Return Of Zander’.

According to ESPN writer Brett Okamoto, McGregor opted not to pursue what could possibly been his big breakthrough in the Hollywood movie industry as he, “didn’t want the distraction.”

That suggests that he’s going to choose the opposite route to fellow UFC superstar Ronda Rousey who has so far embraced more work outside of the fight business since her devastating loss to Holly Holm in November of last year, including going ahead with her lead role in the remake of ‘Road House’which will keep her from competing at UFC 200, plus accepting a role in the upcoming Tina Fey movie, “Do Nothing Bitches,” among various other opportunities.

That’s good news for the UFC as McGregor appears to be the promotions biggest star at this moment in time, with his fight with Diaz at UFC 196 delivering a whopping 1.5 million pay-per-views, close to the all-time record of 1.6 million set during UFC 100 back in 2009.

It seems like a wise choice for McGregor to focus 100% on his fighting career at this moment in time, as coming off his first UFC loss he’s still facing a daunting challenge regardless of who he chooses to fight next, whether it’s a rematch with Diaz as has recently been rumored, or a return to flyweight to face either Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar.