Cub Swanson continued his impressive run of form tonight with a knockout victory over the highly promising Charles Oliveira at UFC 152.

perhaps respecting Swanson’s stand-up ability Oliveira didn’t wait long to attempt to take this fight to the mat early in the first round, and was successful in doing so, though he couldn’t do much with the position before Swanson got back upright.

Then Swanson got to work with his striking, and a nice dig to the liver backed up his opponent. Swanson wasn’t for letting him off the hook though and he leapt forward with a powerful right hook that caught Oliviera clean on the temple.

For a brief moment it appeared as if Oliveira was going to absorb the blow, but then he suddenly slumped to the canvas clutching his head and the fight was quickly brought to an end with 2.40mins on the clock, giving Swanson the KO win.

A former WEC fighter, Swanson is really coming into his own now in the featherweight division with three impressive finishes in a row to his name, while also handing Oliveira the first loss in his three fight stint in the weight class.