Cynthia Calvillo Vs Poliana Bothelo Result At UFC Fight Night 140

Cynthia Calvillo made short work of Poliana Bothelo tonight at UFC Fight Night 140, tapping her out with a rear-naked choke in the first round.

Round One:

Calvillo starts by looking for a leg kick. Now a leg kick for Bothelo. She tries for a spinning kick to the body. Body kick for Bothelo, but it’s caught and Calvillo uses that to bring the fight to the mat.

Bothelo back up though quickly. Head kick attempt for Bothelo. Calvillo throwing a few punches and just connects with the left hand.

Leg kick for Calvillo. Now one in return from Bothelo. Both looking for leg kicks again. Solid leg kick for Calvillo. Nice left hand for her.

Body kick for Bothelo, but Calvillo catches that and immediately takes her down. She’s into side control straight away this time. This is where Calvillo will have wanted the fight and she’s got more than 90 seconds of the round remaining to work.

A few elbows for Calvillo to the head of her opponent. Bothelo gets back to half-guard. She’s still working some elbows as she looks to pass that guard again.

Bothelo seems to wilt for a moment and Calvillo lands a series of punches, then immediately takes her back when Bothelo looks to scramble.

The rear-naked choke is soon locked up and it’s not long before Bothelo is tapping out, handing Calvillo a first round submission victory at 4.48mins of Rd1.

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