Daniel Cormier dominated Dan Henderson in a way we’ve never seen before at UFC 173 with big takedowns and complete control on the mat before putting the icing on the cake with a submission finish in the third round.

Round One:

The eagerly awaited co-main event is underway. Cormier with an early head kick, but it’s blocked.

Hendo lands a leg kick. He comes forward with a punch and then another wings over Cormier’s head.

Cormier locks up and in an instant he elevates Henderson and slams him down to the mat, beautiful throw.

Hendo has one of Cormier’s arms trapped and lands a few blows from his back. Eventually Cormier gets his arm free and stays on top as Hendo wriggles around trying to find a away out.

Cormier in side control, moves briefly to north-south and then back again. Hendo gets him back to half guard. Good spell on top for Cormier, but not able to land much offense so far.

Cormier tries to get into full mount and almost gets there, but not quite. He tries again and gets their, but only for a brief second before Hendo does a good job of getting him back to his guard again.

Cormier stands up over his opponent, then drops down again. Hendo turns onto his knees with Cormier still on top, then to his back again. Hendo attempts a leg lock and Cormier backs away and gives him an opportunity to stand with less than a minute to go.

Big punch from Cormier threatens and then a front kick to the face lands, but not too much power behind it.

Hendo trying for a takedown of his own to end the round, but isn’t able to get DC down.

Round Two:

Back to it they go. Hendo cocking that right hand, but throws a jab instead. He suddenly presses forward with a big right hand blow, but Cormier backs up and moves quickly away as Hendo tries to come in behind it.

Cormier manages to get the fight to the mat again and is right back into side control. Hendo turtles up onto his knees and Cormier’s heavy on top landing a few punches to the head.

Hendo tries to scramble, but can’t shake off the decorated wrestler. Back to side control and a few shots land for Cormier.

Wherever Henderson tries to move Cormier follows. Cormier manages to get to full mount briefly, but doesn’t take advantage of the position and Hendo does well to get him to half guard again.

Cormier trying to get the crucifix position, but not quite getting it and he lands an elbow instead and then lands some more punches to the head as Hendo turtles to his knees again.

Henderson rolls to his back again and Cormier’s in side control again landing more punches. 30 seconds to go and Cormier’s really wearing down his opponent. The round ends and as Hendo stands up he’s sporting a cut above his right eye.

Round Three:

Final round then with Cormier very much in control at this stage. Little kick from Hendo that often sets up the H-Bomb, but Cormier backs up quickly.

Cormier picks up Hendo and literally just dumps him to the mat – not even following him down. That was the definition of rag-dolling.

Hendo right back up and Cormier sweeps his leg and sends him to the mat again and this time stays heavy on top.

Cormier works to full mount, but again can’t keep that position for long. Hendo now back to being turtled on his knees and Cormier lands a few punches then stands over him.

Hendo just being slowly but surely beaten up here and and he doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

Cormier now latches onto Cormier’s back and flattens him out as he sinks in a rear-naked choke. Hendo’s not going to tap and he goes out. Thankfully the ref realizes it quickly and ends the fight with 3.53mins of the third round gone.

A remarkably one-sided fight then and surely DC has to be next in line for a title shot after Alexander Gustafsson.