Donald Cerrone produced a stunning head kick KO against Adriano Martins tonight at ‘UFC On FOX 10’ in Chicagao.

Round One:

Cerrone spins under a punch and knocks Martins off-balance with a push. Martins rights himself and lands well to the liver.

Cerrone lands a hard push kick. Martin tries to duck in looking for a takedown and Cerrone throws a knee in return to keep him at bay.

Leg kick lands for Cerrone. Martins waits then lands one of his own to the body. Cerrone goes up high with a kick, but it’s blocked.

It’s a kicking game at this stage as Cerrone goes to the leg again. Then they change it up with a brief exchange of punches in close.

Nice combination of solid shots lands for Martins. Cerrone back to the leg kick. Nice right hand for Martins. He tries a body kick and a punch behind it.

Martins looks for a takedown, but Cerrone spins him away.

Cerrone gets a takedown and tries to get mount, but Martins is slick on the ground and looks to reverse the position so Cerrone gets back up and out of danger.

Back to the striking they go and suddenly Cerrone goes for a right head kick and his shin lands hard to his opponents neck. Martins is out before he hits the mat and that’s that with 4.40mins of the first round gone!

Spectacular finish from Cerrone after a competitive start from Martins, and that’s almost a certainty for ‘Knockout Of The Night’ honors which will comes a relief for ‘Cowboy’ who’s admitted to the press recently that he’s broke.