Dustin Poirier Submits Jonathan Brookins In Fast-Paced Fight At The TUF 16 Finale

Both fighters had their moments in this fast-paced fight to open up the ‘TUF 16 Finale’ main card, but in the end it was Dustin Poirier who’s striking got the better of Jonathan Brookins before finishing with a d’arce choke.

Not too much of a feeling out process here, both men went right at it in the opening minute. Poirier was being the more aggressive throwing big punches, but it was Brookins who landed the most telling blow and sent Poirier stumbling backwards.

Brookins charged forward throwing heavy leather as he attempted to capitalize on the moment, but up against the cage Poirier bit down on his gumshield and began firing back. It was a somewhat reckless toe-to-toe exchange from the two fighters, but both men stayed upright.

They break apart and Brookins landed another solid strike, but Poirier takes it and is still being aggressive, swinging for the fences with his punches.

Brookins looking to match him though and Poirier backs up against the cage once again and then unleashes a flurry of strikes that forces his opponent into reverse gear.

It’s pretty frantic stuff so far and the fighters show no sign of taking their foot of the gas. Poirier’s starting to find a home for more of his punches now, and one of them drops Brookins momentarily.

Back on their feet Poirier pours it on and now it’s he who has Brookins backed up against the cage. He unleashes a barrage of blows and Brookins is clearly hurt and tries to go for a takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Poirier uses that failed takedown to lock in a d’arce choke and rolls into position, forcing Brookins to tap with 4.15mins on the clock.


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