Francis Ngannou Mourns The Loss Of His 15-Month-Old Son

Former UFC fighter Francis Ngannou has revealed the heartbreaking news that his 15-month-old son has passed away.

“What’s the purpose of life if what we’re fighting tooth and nail to get away from is what finally hit us the hardest!?” Ngannou wrote on X.

“Why is life so unfair and merciless? Why does life always take what we don’t have? I’m f****** tired.”

Ngannou then followed up with a post that revealed more about the tragedy that had just befallen him and his family.

“Too soon to leave but yet he’s gone,” Ngannou wrote. “My little boy, my mate, my partner Kobe was full of life and joy.

“Now, he’s laying without life. I shouted his name over and over but he’s not responding. I was my best self next to him and now I have no clue of who I am. Life is so unfair to hit us where it hurts the most.

“How do you deal with such a thing? How can you live with it? Please help me if you have an idea because I really don’t know what to do and how to deal with this.”

Ngannou’s coach Eric Nicksick also wrote a message attempting to express the unfathomable sadness felt by Ngannou and those close to him.

“It’s been a heavy few days, words can’t express the pain we all feel for the Ngannou family during this time,” Nicksick wrote. “Please keep Francis and his family in your heart, and may this be a reminder of the fragility of life. Say ‘I love you,’ more often, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.”

It wasn’t so long ago that the 37-year-old Ngannou appeared to be on top of the world, having decided to leave the UFC in 2022 while still the reigning heavyweight champion and then a year later going on to secure a dream fight against boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

The unthinkable then almost happened when Ngannou surpassed everyone’s expectations by flooring Fury and giving him a tough fight, though he ultimately lost by split decision.

That meant Ngannou headed into 2024 as a major star in the sporting world, but his attempt to replicate the success of his boxing debut in his 2nd bout against Anthony Joshua last month went badly, suffering multiple knockdowns before being KO’d in the second round.

Those highs and lows will all now pale in comparison to the pain he now feels though after this unexpected tragedy in his personal life.

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