Fighters React To Anderson Silva’s Failed Drug Test

In the wake of the shocking news that Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids prior to his comeback fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 183, read below what his fellow fighters have to say on Twitter about the situation.

Kenny Florian:

“More disappointment in #MMA. All fighters should follow the rules if they wanna be a pro-fighter but #PED’s = way worse than prescribed or recreational marijuana use.

Michael Bisping:

“Sad that Anderson silva tested positive for steroids. Although in hindsight, I’m not surprised. I’m too naive. #any1notcheatingbesidesme”

Ike Vallie-Flagg:

“A guy has super miraculous recovery from an injury and people are surprised that he had steroids in his system?. I will still be a fan of Anderson just because he used a PED doesn’t discount all the hard work he put in or the kind of talent he’s has.”

Joe Lauzon:

“Oh boy. #ufc183 drug tests. #notme. Only thing I am testing positive for is Pasta or Cheese.”

Roy Nelson:

“Wow just found out how to be the GOAT & get paid @ufc that why he likes Nike just do it! Lol it’s funny”

Ricardo Lamas:

“Man……. When is everyone gonna learn? #YourPissWontLieForYou.”

Luke Barnatt:

“Why is everyone’s mind blown by Anderson on the needle? When was the last time a man broke his leg & magically healed in record time.”

Tim Kennedy:

“I have said that there is a major problem in our sport. It breaks my heart that the greatest of all times succumbed to the pressure. #PED”

Chris Wade:

“Cheating is rampant in every facet of humanity and therefore EVERY FORM of major sporting. Mans perpetual search to get the edge.”

Andy Ogle:

“Do i agree with Silva taking PEDs? No! but from GOAT to derailed then broken leg i can understand when the pressures have led him astray”

Cody Gibson:

“So did NSAC get ASilvas test results back BEFORE his fight and let him fight? I’m confused? What’s the point of doing pre fight testing (as in 1/9) if you don’t get the results back until after the fight? Rush that shit to the lab.”


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