Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is one of the good guys in the sport, but even he can only take so much and with his featherweight title shot currently hanging in the balance he appears to have decided to ignore sending a message of peace and goodwill to all men over the holiday season in favor of letting everyone know that one way or another he’s going to get that shot at the belt.

Edgar has strung together a five fight unbeaten stretch at 145lbs against the best the division has to offer including the likes of Cub Swanson, BJ Penn, Charles Oliveira, Urijah Faber and Chad Mendes, leaving him ranked No.2 behind Jose Aldo and new champion Conor McGregor.

After his KO win against Mendes earlier this month Edgar was confirmed as the next title contender, but since then McGregor has indicated that he might be interested in pursuing the lightweight title instead and that’s not ‘The Answer’ Edgar was looking for.

“I’m done getting screwed over my next fight will be Conor Mcgregor there is nobody else I am going to fight,”
Edgar wrote on his Twitter account on Christmas Eve . “Conor is on the run he wants easy fights. I’m only going to fight for the belt next even if I have to sit out. When he finally agree to fight me I will take his soul. Dana promise me a title shot and this is what I’m gonna get I will not fight anybody else but for the title. This dude has been ducking me but he can’t duck me for the rest of his life. I beat bj Swanson, cub, Mendez,shirk, who did he beat outside Aldo.”

Good for him. Edgar has always been a “company man”, doing whatever the UFC has told him to do, but sometimes you have to rock the boat a little to get what you want. That being said, whether the UFC and McGregor himself takes heed of his demands remains to be seen.