Glover Teixeira Taps Out Thiago Silva In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 182

Glover Teixeira had to battle back from adversity several times and make full use of his wrestling to get the better of Thiago Santos tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 182, which culminated in him securing a third round submission finish.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Las Vegas.

Santos with a hard front kick to the body. Teixeira looking to throw a punch, but Santos immediately responding and looking the quicker of the two.

Hard right hook for Santos. He goes for more punches and Teixeira is in on a desperate takedown attempt. He’s hurt though and as they get back upright Santos continues to land punches and the Brazilian is rocked.

Teixeira manages to get a takedown though just when he needs it. Santos trying to work back upright. Teixeira slams him back to the mat though.

He’s looking to get full mount straight away. He settles back into half-guard. Now Teixeira works into mount, but Santos brings him back to half-guard. Teixeira drops down some elbows.

Teixeira with some more ground and pound and Santos tries to scramble out, but can’t do so. Teixeira maintains control and then goes back to landing some softening blows to the body and head.

Santos has Teixeira in his full guard now. Continued body-head work from Teixeira. Final minute of the round. Harder punches from Teixeira. He’ll be hoping to take some of the steam out of Santos ahead of the next round if possible. His output slows though as the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Low leg kick for Santos. Another leg kick and then tries for one upstairs. Teixeira with a right hand though and then into the takedown, which is successful.

Teixeira in Santos guard and lands a couple of hammerfists. Now half-guard for Teixeira. he lands some elbows. More elbows connect.

Now Teixeira posturing up more and landing solid hammerfists. Teixeira manages to get full mount. Santos able to work him back to half-guard though.

Teixeira almost working to side control, but not quite for now. The ground and pound is still there though. Now the opening appears to slice the guard and move to side control.

Teixeira working a few punches and then a solid elbow. Another punch lands and then he goes to knee-on-belly. Santos gets back to half-guard though. Teixeira again passes to side control and then full mount.

Santos gives up his back and Teixeira sinks in a deep rear-naked choke. It looks like the fight might be about to be over, but then the horn sounds for the end of the round. Santos definitely lucky to see the third round here.

Round Three:

Teixeira tries for a quick takedown, but it’s stuffed and then Santos lands a big left hook that floors his opponent.

Santos swarms on Teixeira looking for a finish, but the Brazilian hangs tough and survives that flurry. Now it’s Santos turn to just settle into half guard and start to land a few elbows.

Big punches now from Santos and they are taking a toll, so Teixeira has to scramble desperately and all credit to him for successfully doing so and getting into an advantageous position. Santos up, but Teixeira brings him down and soon after takes his back.

Teixeira lands a few big punches and then sinks in a rear-naked choke that forces a quick tap-out from Santos at 1.49mins of the third round.

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