gsp comeback

Georges St-Pierre has taken another step towards returning to the Octagon after confirming that he’s now signed up to USADA’s testing program.

That being said, the former welterweight champion still has to come to terms with the UFC before his return becomes official.

“My agent is negotiating with the UFC, they had an offer, we made a counteroffer, you know that’s how business goes,” GSP told “And then we heard a day after that UFC sold for $4 billion dollars. So we waited for a few days, to see what was going on, because even some of the employees were afraid of losing their job – even some of the high ranking people in the UFC were afraid. We wanted to let the management to take care of their own company first, and then see what happens.

“Now we’re talking again and I’m starting the USADA process to be tested, I’m starting it Aug 10. in Las Vegas. Because to be eligible to fight you need to be tested.”

St-Pierre would have to undergo four months of testing before being given the greenlight to compete, which means his Octagon return could take place at the end of the year if all goes well.

Time will tell who he’d be matched up with, if and when he does return, but recently the Canadian superstar has indicated he’d be willing to fight the current champion Tyron Woodley, and also said he’d take a rematch with Nick Diaz if that’s what the fans wanted to see.