For many years the The Palms in Las Vegas has played host to the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter Finale’s amongst other smaller scale shows, but it appears that arrangement has now come to an abrupt end after Dana White feel out with the owners.

White, who’s a notorious high-roller in Las Vegas, apparently had his credit line cut in half by the Palms who have been hard-hit by the down-turn in the economy over the past few years.

The UFC president was apparently furious at the decision given how much money he regularly spends there. 

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, White was fond of splashing the cash at the establishment, much to the delight of the staff there who were apparently given life-changing tips when he came to visit.

“White routinely ran up dinner tabs of $15,000-$20,000 and tossed in $10,000 tips. That happened three or four or times a week,” The LVRJ states.

Apparently the dealers were well taken care of too. 

“White tipped dealers more than $100,000.  Anytime he came in, we knew it was a big payday.”

So, when The Palms informed him that his credit was being halved he took things rather personally and it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing the UFC holding any events there for the foreseeable future.

The UFC last visited The Palms in June for the TUF 15 Finale where a little over 1,600 people watched the action in the small-scale venue. For the first time in six years, December’s TUF 16 finale will be held elsewhere, at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino.