How the UFC Unknowingly Replaced José Aldo With a New Champion

Whether you cared or not, it has been hard to not to be wound up in the José Aldo vs. UFC dispute.

Aldo, a fans favourite and a remnant from a time when Brazil dominated MMA has made it clear that he will not step foot within the Octagon again. Even threatening to take a dive if the UFC hold him to his contract.

This is a big loss for the UFC, no doubt, but I cannot help but feel this would have been more damaging for the UFC had it not been for featherweight contender, Max Holloway.

If Conor McGregor brings boldness, nerve and cockiness to the featherweight division, then Max Holloway brings a quiet confidence made up of a series of dominant wins in the shadow of the theatre McGregor brings.

In fact, Holloway resembles a lot of the qualities that Aldo fans fell in love with. Arrogance has no place in the lives of these kinds of fighters, replaced with a quiet confidence backed up by a nine fight winning streak.

So how has Holloway reacted to the recent ‘will he, won’t he?’ McGregor/featherweight division drama? Well, the following tweet makes clear his thoughts on Aldos remarks:

Holloway on the other hand has intelligently remained on side with the UFC, instead asking for more challenging fights, most recently a fight with Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis:

Whatever the immediate future for Holloway spells, no one can disagree that his behaviour has been that of a champion.

22 year old student based in Bradford, England. Keen MMA fan with a particular interest in UFC and the Flyweight-Welterweight divisions. Background in Thai Boxing and contacts in Leeds for MMA events.