Israel Adesanya Defeats Anderson Silva By Decision At UFC 234

In a fight that proved to be more competitive than many had expected at UFC 234, Israel Adesanya was able to fight his way to a unanimous decision victory over the aging but still dangerous Anderson Silva.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Australia!

The two circle each other to start. Patient start as has been so characteristic of Silva throughout his career. Leg kick for Adesanya.

Jab comes out from Adesanya, but just comes up short. Missed leg kick for Adesanya. He lands another soon afterwards though. Leg kick for Silva. One in return from Adesanya.

Adesanya tries for a hook kick that doesn’t pay off this time. Adesanya still coming up a little short with his punches for now.

Adesanya tries for a question mark kick. Silva pressures forward and both throw punches. Hard punch lands for Adesanya and Silva’s legs seemed to buckle slightly there.

Silva still coming forward, but he’s throwing a little too much caution to the wind here and Adesanya connects again. He can’t afford to take too many of them. Knee for Adesanya too upstairs.

Now it’s Silva who lands, serving as a reminder that he’s still dangerous. Referee stops them thinking someone’s missing a mouthpiece, but that’s not the case.

Silva with a spinning low kick. Adesanya just misses with a high kick as Silva Leans out of range. Both men reacting to that one. Adesanya lands a punch. Silva lands too. Adesanya with a right hook. High kick for Adesanya misses.

Round Two:

Hook kick for Silva only glances Adesanya. Silva avoids a punch and lands a counter nicely. Adesanya flicks out a kick towards the body.

Body kick for Silva. Low kick from the Brazilian that only glances the target. Two hard punches from Adesanya as Silva dropped his hands.

Leg kick for Adesanya. Spinning body kick from Silva. Left hand for Adesanya connects. Punch from Adesanya, but counter right lands for Silva.

Right and a left for Silva as he presses forward. He tries to clinch, but Adesanya escapes. Good leg kick for Adesanya. Leg kick for Silva. Righy hand connects. Another lands but not hard.

Jabs landing for Silva now. Body kick for Adesanya blocked. Both men clinch up and Adesanya pushes him away. Leg kick for Adesanya.

Spinning low kick from Silva. One-two for Silva. Front kick upstairs from Adesanya just missing. Leg kick for Adesanya and then Silva presses forward with punches and gets aggressive, backing his opponent up. Spinning low leg kick attack from Silva misses to end the round.

Round Three:

Front kick to the body from Adesanya. Now a leg kick. Low leg kick for Adesanya and Silva jokingly sinks to the mat. Silva lands and Adesanya staggers backwards. Silva tries for a flying knee but just misses.

Silva stays with his back against the cage and Adesanya peppers him with low kicks. Adesanya backs away, but Silva tells him to come back and he obliges.

Spinning attack from Silva misses. They stare at each other and then Adesanya opts to back up again and this time Silva follows him.

Front kick to the body from Adesanya. Leg kick again for him. High kick mmisses though. leg kick for Silva. BOdy punch from Adesanya.

Leg kick for Adesanya. Left hand gets through. Body kick apiece. leg kick again from Adesanya. left hand flashes out. Now a right. The head kick is blocked though.

Silva tries to thrust forward with punches, but nothing doing. Body punch for Adesanya. High kick is blocked. Left hand for Adesanya. Another punch lands. High kick from Silva is blocked.

Jab lands for Silva. Body kick for Adesanya. Spinning kicks from both men that miss. Spinning backfist from Adesanya just whizzes past his opponent’s face. That’s it, we’re headed to the judges.


Very good performance from both men, but in the end Adesanya was able to edge out the legend and claim a unanimous decision victory (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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