Joe Rogan

Long-time UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has called for a new MMA scoring system to be implemented after UFC 195 on Saturday night delivered a number of controversial judges decisions.

That included the main event which many people, including UFC President Dana White, believed Carlos Condit won, yet the three judges at cage-side returned a split decision verdict in favor of Robbie Lawler.

This is nothing new in mixed martial arts, with head-scratching decisions being a common part of many events, and Rogan feels that something has to be done about it, making a lengthy post on Twitter to outline his thoughts on the matter.

“MMA’s scoring badly needs an upgrade. There’s no way the 5th and 3rd rounds should generate the same score last night. The idea that we continue to use boxing’s 10 point must system for a completely different sport is inexcusable at this stage.

Imagine how goofy football would be if quarters were scored as equal 10 – 9 rounds regardless of how much more scoring was done in each. Submissions and KO’s will always be the most definitive ways to win fights but we should know exactly what points are based on at this stage.

I think MMA could also benefit from more judges scoring a huge fight. 3 people deciding huge championship decisions doesn’t seem smart.”

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  1. Absolutely agree with Rogan. Scoring system is unfair to the combatants, therefore unfair to us, the viewing (and paying) public. Now, how does the change get started?

  2. I agree with Rogan, UFC is not the same as boxing, and all rounds should not be 10-9 and only 3 judges for championship fights is too few!!! Let’s get rid of the chance for a fighter to be f****d by a poor decision!!!