Joe Rogan Requests Not To Interview KO’d Fighters Any More

Joe Rogan has revealed that he’s requested to UFC officials not to interview a defeated fighter immediately after a bout if they’ve been KO’d, following an awkward incident following UFC 203’s main event between Stipe Miocic and Alistair Overeem on Saturday night.

As is customary after a major pay-per-view headliner, both the winner and the loser were interviewed in the Octagon by Rogan following Miocic’s first round KO finish over Overeem.

During his interview, Overeem was adamant that Miocic had tapped earlier in the fight to a guillotine choke, so Rogan requested that a replay be shown on the big screen.

Despite the footage being shown from two different angles it was clear that there hadn’t been a tap after all.

It was an uncomfortable moment, and afterwards some fans were critical of the fact that Overeem had been put on the spot like that so soon after having been rendered unconscious, and in hindsight Rogan agreed with them.

“I asked the UFC brass if we could please refrain from interviewing fighters after they’ve been KO’ed,” Rogan wrote on twitter after the event. “I don’t think it’s wise nor fair.

“If you’ve ever talked to a friend who has been KO’ed their perception of reality can be drastically off & their memory is severely impaired.”

Overeem so far hasn’t addressed the interview specifically, but he has commented on the outcome of the fight, stating on Twitter that, “1 day later: Bummed still, congrats to stipe – the man has power in those hands! We dust ourselves off and keep going!”

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