Joe Warren Was Pulled From Bellator 98 Fight Card After Being KO’d In Training

The mystery surrounding why former Bellator champion and recent ‘Fight Master’ coach Joe Warren was pulled from last night’s season nine premiere event has been solved.

According to Warren was removed from the event was that the commission discovered that he had recently been knocked out during a training session. The decision was made after Warren saw both a doctor and then a specialist.

It’s well known that receiving a second concussion soon after an initial one is very bad for the brain so the right decision was definitely made here and hopefully Warren will be able to compete again at a later date.

Being KO’d is not exactly the ideal situation for Warren though, particularly given that he’s been badly knocked out in two of his last three fights already.

Warren is now 36 and if this happens again then he may have to seriously consider whether it’s time to hang up his gloves.


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