After notching up another big win over former champion Rashad Evans, dominant light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones reflected on his performance in an interview with

Read the key quotes from the interview below and scroll down to watch the full video for yourselves.

Key Quotes:

On Rashad Evans:

“He was very, very fast hands. Extremely fast hands, and on top of the hands you’ve got to worry about the double-leg dive threat the whole time. So, Rashad’s definitely a lion. He’s 100% a lion and to defeat a lion by unanimous decision is a major confidence booster and it’s very reassuring.”

On What The Win Means To Him:

“It’s definitely a sense of relief, you know. In some ways I knew that I was a champion, but I also knew I hadn’t defeated Rashad Evans yet and Rashad is unquestionably one of the best light-heavyweights in the sports history if you look at his record and some of the people he’s beaten. So yeah, it’s very gratifying.”

On Getting Hurt During The Fight:

“He caught me a few good times man, the guy hits hard, So I can’t be doing that. I try not to get hit in practice at all and I definitely don’t want to be taking big hits like that. Those things will slow your career down and I’m very young, I have a long time to go so I’m not happy that I got hit so hard, but it’s a learning experience for sure.”

His Message To His Fans:

“Fans of mine, I appreciate you guys so much, for supporting me, understanding the person that I am, for the love. You know, I had lots of cheers tonight. I knew Rashad had a lot of fans too, so it felt really good to get a whole roar of cheers. As an athlete that feels great as I work hard to entertain you guys.

So, thank you so much for watching the fight and I love you guys and I definitely learned from my mistakes and look for a better, sharper and more improved Jon Jones in the future.”