Jorge Masvidal Brutally KO’s Darren Till In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 147

Jorge Masvidal racked up a stunning knockout victory over Darren Till in the main event of UFC Fight Night 147 tonight.

Round One

Masvidal comes charging out with what looked like an oblique kick, but it lands to the groin of Till and forces a stoppage.

Till recovers quick and they go again. Till lands a huge straight left and Masvidal collapses to the canvas. TIll gets on top but Masvidal lands an upkick and looks for another.

Masvidal able to stand up. Masvidal landing punches now as he looks to return the favor. Till able to take Masvidal down though. Masvidal kicks him off and gets back upright.

Leg kick for Masvidal. Another leg kick as Till just comes up short with a right hand. Body kick for Masvidal. He goes for a single leg, but it doesn’t pay off and he reels off hooks that miss.

Big punch for Till lands clean and Masvidal waves him on but covers up. Till landing again. Jab for Masvidal. left from Till just misses. He clinches and lands a good elbow as he breaks away.

Till looking much the bigger man here. Masvidal comes forward and lands a hard left hand. Counter left lands again for Masvidal. Then Till connects. One-two for Till.

Till goes into the clinch against the cage. Solid left for Till and tries for more behind it. Body kick for Masvidal.

Round Two:

Jabs from Till. He lands a right hand again. Body kick for Masvidal. Low kick for Masvidal. Eye poke hurts Masvidal and he gets some time to recover.

Masvidal throwing punches to set up a takedown attempt and lands it. Till gets straight back up, but Masvidal keeps him pressed to the cage.

Till gets away. masvidal firing off a one-two. Till lands a leg kick. Jab connects for Till. Jab again for Till. Body kick for Masvidal.

Till moves in but gets clocked by a one-two from Masvidal. Till loads up on a hook and Masdvidal sees it coming and ducks.

Crushing overhand left from Masvidal out of nowhere and then another left hook to the temple behind it sends Till toppling to the canvas like a fallen tree and he’s out cold at 3.05mins of the second round!!

Huge highlight reel knockout finish for Masvidal that stuns the English crowd!

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