Jose Aldo’s Coach Andre Pederneiras Has Covid-19

Nova Uniao head coach Andre Pederneiras has revealed that he’s tested positive for Covid-19 in Brazil, where the virus is currently spreading like wildfire.

‘Dede’, who is best known for coaching a string of Brazilian stars, including former champions Jose Aldo and Renan Barao, but also fought once in the UFC, revealed the news in an Instagram statement.

He also told Combate that he’d experienced chills for two nights in a row, and with one of his son suffering from diarrhea and the other with a swollen eye he opted to get a Covid-19 test, which showed that he was positive for the virus, but didn’t yet have the antibodies, so he is currently isolating at home.

Pederneiras is one of a number of Brazilian MMA stars who have tested positive for Covid-19 in recent times, including Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza and his two cornermen prior to UFC 249 as well as Roger Gracie and Erick Silva.

Read Pederneiras’ full statement below.

“Good morning everyone!

“I took the Covid-19 test and it was positive. I am well, fulfilling my isolation at home, and my biggest concern at this moment is to continue our fundraising campaign, because the hunger of the less fortunate cannot fail to be quenched due to a MOMENTARY low medical in the middle of this war that we are fighting, to feed the less fortunate.

“Regardless of whether I am unable to go to the street, our army of ATHLETES AND COLLABORATORS will continue to distribute the basic food baskets at the scheduled times – and as soon as I am free, I will be back in front of everything, buying and distributing the food TOGETHER WE WIN THIS WAR.

“Every week I go to the bank to get the statement to account for the campaign. Unfortunately, this week I will have to post the cell phone statement (which I don’t like to do because it doesn’t show the name of André Pederneiras Institute and the value together), but as soon as I’m released to leave, I’ll post the statement the way it came making.

“The motto of my life has always been FIGHTING TO WIN, and it will be no different now!! My thanks to everyone who is donating and helping these people in need in some way.”

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