One of the UFC’s most dominant lightweight competitors, Khabib Nurmagomedov had hoped to return to action in October after undergoing knee surgery earlier in the year, but it turns out that’s not going to be possible after all.

Nurmogomedov has recently been assessed by doctors who have established he’ll need a further six weeks of rehabilitation which means he won’t be back fighting in the Octagon until December.

So far in his UFC career Nurmagmedov has been something of a wrecking ball, racking up six wins in a row to expand his overall career record to a stellar 22-0.

Unfortunately, due to his injury he’ll now have sat on the sidelines for 20 months by the time he returns to action, though at this moment in time he still remains at No.3 in the divisional rankings, so he should be right in the title mix when he does finally get back to full fitness.

In the mean time, even during his injury rehab he’s still been in the spotlight after he became caught up in a physical altercation with the Diaz brothers at this past weekend’s WSOF 22 event in Las Vegas.

It all seems to have stemmed from an ongoing feud with Nate Diaz and that’s potentially a fight he could take upon his return, though he’s also believed to be interested in taking on another rival, current No.1 contender Anthony Pettis who’ll also be returning from injury around the same time, and that would be the more advantageous fight in terms of his title prospects.


  1. He’s always talkin’ about smashin’ this guy or that but he hasn’t fought anybody in almost 2 years. Maybe he’s smashed…