Luke Rockhold And Michael Bisping Continue Feud Online

Rockhold Bisping

Former middleweight champions Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping are continuing to feud on social media as a potential trilogy fight between them edges closer to becoming a reality.

“@bisping sign the contract or shut it,” Rockhold stated yesterday on Twitter alongside a picture of him standing over ‘The Count’ following a submission win over him back in 2014.

“Good one dipshit. But remember when I knocked you out cold, took your belt and you cried like a little bitch?” Bisping fired back along with a GIF of him KO’ing his rival in 2016 to win the middleweight title. “In fact that’s probably a little hazy for you. See attached and have a great day numb nuts.”

Bisping has already indicated that he’s interested in the fight, while Rockhold has suggested that they could lock horns at light-heavyweight to spice things up a little, and at the moment he’s the one pushing hardest for the bout to become a reality.

“As soon as thing become predictable they become boring. Facts are it’s 1 -1. Contract is on your desk. Sign it or keep running,” Rockhold told Bisping.

“I Haven’t been presented one. Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around your egoistical needs. #concieve,believe,achieve,” Bisping replied.

“Don’t lie to the fans Mike #signthecontract,” Rockhold said.

“Please, show me the suggested bout date, terms, location, arena, etc….. you can’t!!! Know why? cos you’re full of shit, dipshit! In fact, scrub out the compensation and show me yours? You simply cannot, because it doesn’t exist. Dummy!” Bisping claimed.

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