Marlon Vera Defeats Guido Cannetti By Submission At UFC Fight Night 140

Marlon Vera struggled in the first round against Guido Cannetti tonight at UFC fight Night 140, but after being urged by his cornermen to be more aggressive in the second he came out swinging and emerged with a TKO victory.

Round One:

Leg kick for Cannetti. kick for Vera. Cannetti works into the clinch and fires off knees. Vera gets the Thai clinch now and looks to work his own knees though Cannetti lands another of his own to the body.

Vera brings the fight to the mat, but Cannetti works an armbar attempt and then nicely gets back to his feet as Vera looks to slam him.

Back on the feet Cannetti stays busy and lands some big punches that seem to hurt Vera. Now it’s Cannetti who is looking to take the fight to the mat and try to continue to apply pressure.

Vera gets to the clinch though and clears the cobwebs. High pace action here so far and it’s Cannetti who is the most aggressive so far. Vera manages to get into the clinch though and presses his opponent to the cage. Cannetti breaks free, but Vera soon brings him back into the same position.

Cannetti drives forward though and lands a takedown. 90 seconds of the round remaining with Cannetti looking to posture up inside Vera’s closed guard.

he steps away for a moment and Vera looks for upkicks. Cannetti lands a kick to his downed opponent’s leg. And another after failing to dive back into guard successfully and that’s where the round ends.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt for Cannetti to start the second round. Now a leg kick. Solid kick to the thigh from Vera. He steps in on a big flying kick to the body and that seemed to hurt Cannetti who is suddenly protecting his body as Vera wades in with more offense. He lands some knees then he goes upstairs with hard knees from the thai clinch that drop Cannetti.

Cannetti back up and looking for a takedown, but Vera pulls guard looking for a guillotine choke.

Cannetti back up now but Vera is still on him and as his opponent covers up against the cage he tees off with hard uppercuts and hooks. Cannetti is wilting here and Vera isn’t going to let him off the hook.

Vera then takes him to the mat and lands punches, then sets himself up for the rear-naked choke and locks it in, forcing a quick tapout from Cannetti to silence the crowd and secure the submission victory at 1.31mins of Rd2.

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