Following his split decision victory over Thales Leites last night at UFC Fight Night 72, Michael Bisping put two of his former opponents, Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson, on blast for using Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in the past.

“As a fighter, everybody wants to face the guys that have victories over them,” Bisping stated at the post-fight press conference. “Especially guys that have victories for unfair reasons. They’re all taking testosterone replacement therapy, they’re taking steroids, they’re using their backsides like a dartboard. They’re cheating, scumbag m*therf*c*ers. I would love to face them on a fair playing field – test them before the camp, during the camp and on the night.”

Bisping then made it clear exactly who he was referring to.

“If you look at Vitor [Belfort] when I fought him, he looked like a cross between a power-lifting champion and the Incredible Hulk,” Bisping said. “When he stepped in against Chris Weidman, he looked like somebody’s out-of-shape, middle-aged man, a dad that went to the gym once a week. So it was certainly two different people. I would love to smash his face in and shut him up once and for all and get the revenge. I have no respect for that guy whatsoever. I think he’s a piece of sh*t is what I think.”

While he wasn’t quite as harsh about Dan Henderson, he also essentially called him out for cheating the system.

“God bless him, [Henderson’s] had a great career, but he was on testosterone replacement therapy when we fought. And the amount of testosterone they were allowed to legally have in their system was just ridiculous and there’s a reason why it’s been outlawed. They used to say, ‘Oh, I have to have testosterone replacement therapy otherwise I couldn’t fight.’ Well, now it’s banned and they’re still fighting, so did they need or they didn’t need it? Well, the fact is they didn’t need it. They were cheating. They were manipulating the system.”

Bisping clearly thinks that the UFC’s new thorough drug-testing procedures and strict punishments will level the playing field and so he he still has his eyes firmly set on the middleweight title shot that’s so far eluded him in his long career in the UFC.

“I’ve just gotta keep winning fights,” Bisping said. “I’ve dedicated so much of my life to this sport. I know I can compete with these guys. And I’ve shown that and that’s why I’m still ranked in the top 10 after 10 years in the organization.”

“That’s also why he believes he should get a chance at the belt after one more win, whether it’s against Belfort, Henderson or another elite opponent.

“It’s about time I got my g*d*mn f*cking title shot.”