Amanda Nunes produced an upset victory over Miesha Tate tonight at UFC 200, rocking her with strikes mid-way through the first round before submitting her on the mat with a rear-naked choke.

Round One:

The main event woman’s bantamweight title fight is underway!

Front kick attempt from Tate, but doesn’t find the mark. Leg kick for Nunes. Tate circling. Hard right hand for Tate.

Tate misses with a leg kick. Leg kick from Nunes and Tate uses that to take her down. Good job by Nunes to scramble straight up to her feet though and despite a struggle from Tate, she’s unable to bring her back down.

Tate into the clinch and looks for the takedown again, but nothing doing. Tate tries the takedown again, but Nunes reverses her. Tate gets up and almost eats a knee.

Nunes tags Tate with a straigh right and she’s hurt. Nunes continues to come forward and lands more hard strikes. The champion is in big trouble here as she backs up.

Tate bleeding from her nose as Tate pours it on. Tate’s legs give out under her and Nunes follows her to the mat. Nunes easily takes Tate’s back and sinks in the rear-naked choke, forcing a quick tapout just 3.16mins into the opening round.

Wow, the woman’s bantamweight title has changed hands yet again! Great performance by Nunes who once again proved that she’s exceptionally dangerous in the early stages of a fight, and has real power to hurt an extremely durable opponent like Tate the way that she did.

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