The whole world’s attention was focused on boxing’s ‘Fight Of The Century’ between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao last night, and below you can read the immediate post-fight Twitter reactions from MMA fighters past and present to the contest.

“Impressed by Floyd. Proved me wrong.”
— Matt Brown

“Even @JonnyBones dash cam has not seen this much hitting and running.”
— Sean McCorkle

“12 rds of #boxing is never as fun as 3 rds of #MMA @ufc . Does anyone even have a bruise? @UFCONFOX This fight didn’t come close to the hype. Give me @ChrisWeidmanUFC vs @vitorbelfort anyday! @ufc I love boxing… Well classic boxing but this is why people love @MikeTyson and Heavy weights. They finish…or do damage @ufc Don’t get me wrong. Mayweather is a wizard but I don’t enjoy watching his sparring matches. We have bigger fights every fri @FactoryXmt”
— Chris Camozzi

“Clear win for Mayweather”
— Nick Newell

“Textbook #Money #MayPac”
— Max Holloway

“What’s crazy is if they put this man in a cage with any UFC fighter and said “fight until someone dies”….he dies. Yet he makes 100+mil…”
— Cody Gibson

“They will give it to @MannyPacquiao”
— Tito Ortiz

“Well…should be a pretty impressive decision win for #Mayweather #MayPac”
— Kenny Florian

“Unlucky pacman you wanted to scrap he wanted to run and give you a cuddle when you got close #TeamPacman #ShitRef”
— Mike Wilkinson

“Manny beat the sh^t outta Tim Bradley and lost. There’s absolutely no way manny is winning on Mayweather’s promotion.”
— Danny Castillo

“Floyd is better than manny. Pure magician in there. Fight wasn’t close.”
— TJ Grant

“Mayweather is the best at playing tag ever. Probably great at hide and go seek too. #MayweatherPacquiao #PacquiaoMayweather #MayPac”
— Josh Barnett

“Boxing has officially died. #rip #boxing”
— Sean Strickland

“Mayweather it’s sucks”
— Fabricio Werdum

“U have to respect it! #TMT”
— Anthony Pettis

“Ordered a steak and got a salad. #MayPac”

— Lorenzo Fertitta

“Thankful I got to witness this fight.”
— Andre Fili

“The fans can boo Floyd all they want but you can’t deny the work. Manny looked like a man with no plan. People are complaining say that Floyd ran the whole time but no one is complaining that Manny did nothing to stop him from running. Manny did nothing to counter Floyd’s movement, it’s called boxing not let me stand here and let you hit me.”
— Will Brooks

“The winner of the fight….. MMA.”
— Cathal Pendred

“I think Pac won.”
— Demian Maia

“Safe to call that “The Build Up of the Century” not “The Fight of the Century” #MayweatherPacquiao”
— Cub Swanson

“Its called boxing…Floyd is a boxer/counter puncher. What yall expect. Boxing is an art…just like mma. When people show the art people h8. They hated on GSP once people stepped their game up and couldn’t finish people. He showed strategy and technique. People dont respect that”
— King Mo

“This is what I expected tonight… Unfortunately. July 25th I will show you a real fight against Gomi. #MayPac”
— Joe Lauzon

“Classy interview by mayweather. True champ! Pac looking for that rematch.”
— Chris Weidman

“Blue balls #MayweatherPacquiao”
— Sean Shelby

“I still think @MannyPacquiao won, just saying.”
— Cat Zingano

“And that’s why @ufc is taking over.”

— Jared Rosholt (@JaredRosholt) May 3, 2015

“That fight was horrible. Not a single takedown :-)”
— Mike Pierce

“Is it bad that I was super bored during that fight?”
— Paige VanZant

“Congrats to @FloydMayweather! Manny got caught watching too much. He watched so much he might as well bought a ticket to the fight. Manny had no bounce which is the key to his success and power. He tried to walk him down. Freddy is a great coach but he fell asleep at the wheel. Nothing was said to Manny that needed to be said to him. It was remedial and I have never boxed one fight but I can fight. Manny needed to fight! But to all you @FloydMayweather haters that says he fights nobody’s.. no “he just makes them look like no body”! Go to bed. I’m with most of y’all i wanted to great fight. I wanted to see Floyd pushed 2 but honestly speaking Manny didn’t fight. He tried to box.”
— Rashad Evans

“That felt more like a business transaction than a fight. Respect to Floyd though. Boxing is not the style of fighting to stop him.”
— Conor McGregor

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