Neil Magny Submits Kiichi Kunimoto In Rd3 At UFC Fight Night 60

Neil Magny’s striking on the feet and ground and pound gradually wore down Kiichi Kunimoto at UFC Fight Night 60 leading him to an opportunity early in the final round to produce a finish by rear-naked choke.

Round One:

Kunimoto lands a punch to start and gets on his bike moving away from Magny and sneaking in a leg kick on the way.

Another leg kick from Kunimoto. He lands another punch, but then Magny clips him with a shot and clinches up. They exchange knees and battle for position against the cage. A stray knee lands to Kunimoto’s groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Magny pumping out the jab as he moves forward. Kunimoto tries to unleash punches and eats a knee in the process.

Magny with a flurry of strikes and then thai clinches to land some knees. Kunimoto presses him up against the cage and looks for a takedown. Magny defending so far with half the round to go. Kunimoto trying to trip him, but he keeps his balance.

Magny reverses the position and is now trying to get Kunimoto to the mat. He opts for a couple of knees instead. A few more and then some shoulder shrugs.

Kunimoto gets some space for a moment, but then Magny moves backinto the clinch. More knees from Magny to the midsection. Another battle for an advantangeous position against the cage and the round ends with a fe more knees from Magny.

Round Two:

Kunimoto with a low kick and pays for it as he eats a few punches from Magny. Magny opts to go back into the clinch agains the cage, but soon after they separate.

Kunimoto winging overhand strikes, but no real accuracy there and they go back to the clinch. This time Kunimoto finally gets the takedown he’s been looking for and well over three minutes to work. He’s in half guard and looking to advance.

Magny gets him back to full guard then kicks Kunimoto off and stands. Magny lands a knee and some big punches and Kunimoto seems dazed. Magny continuing to attack, but he slips on a knee which takes away some of his momentum.

Magny right back up though and he opts to take Kunimoto to the mat. Minute to go in the round and Magny is in half guard and dropping some elbows down on his opponent. Kunimoto turns and Magny takes his back. He starts landing repeated right hands to his head. He keeps up a good pace, but time runs out before he can find a finish.

Round Three:

Magny with big straight punches to start the final round. He’s tagging Kunimoto and then gets a takedown. He takes Kunimoto’s back again and has most of the round now to look for a finish on the mat. He starts peppering him with short punches.

Kunimoto leaves his neck undefended and Magny suddenly slips an arm in and gets the rear-naked choke to produce the tapout finish with 1.22mins of the third round gone.

Six wins in a row for Magny now and he’s surely due to a step up in competition now.

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