Randy Brown Beats Khaos Williams By Split Decision At UFC 274

Randy Brown edged out Khaos Williams by split decision in a competitive striking battle tonight at UFC 274.

Round One:

Brown feels out with his rangey jab. Williams comes in swinging somewhat wildly and Brown looks to counter off of that.

Solid leg kick for Williams. He looks for it again but only grazes the target. More winging punches from Williams thrown in Brown’s direction without landing. A leg kick does though.

Push kick to the body from Brown and then a front kick to the head. Williams gets into the clinch againstn the cage. Brown backs him up though and throws out some punches.

Williams swings for the fences again and seems to clip Brown with a right hand that hurts his opponent, who backs up and then drops down to the mat under pressure.

Williams trying to set up a d’arce choke, but doesn’t pay off and the action rises back up to the feet.

Khaos looking to punch again and Brown slips on a kick. Brown threatens with a jumping knee. Brown tries for a takedown, but there’s nothing doing there. Williams presses him into the cage and Brown is working for a standing guillotine choke. Final couple of seconds of the round and he jumps onto Williams trying to tighten up the submission, but not enough time to see if a finish was possible.

Round Two:

Series of jabs from Brown and then a solid right hand lands nicely. Brown lands a leg kick and then more punches. Williams punches to the body.

Front kick to the body from Brown and then misses one upstairs. Jab connects for him now. Clipping punch from Williams. Williams back to swinging somewhat wildly without landing. Brown back to the jab.

Brown peppering out the jab even as he switches stances. Williams presses into the clinch against the cage.

They move away from the fence and Brown attempts a question-mark kick that misses. More jab work from Brown at range. Head movement from Brown now too in order to avoid Williams attempts to land big blows.

Williams back into the clinch against the cage now and Brown is fishing for a guillotine choke without success.

Williams backs up to the center of the Octagon. Body punch from him and then a low kick. spinning body kick from Brown misses.

Outside leg kick from Williams. Brown with the jab and checks a leg kick. Now a right hands lands. Counter punch lands for Brown as Williams gets back into the clinch.

Round Three:

Light leg kicks for both men. Brown with a nice kick. Now an oblique kick for him. Inside leg kick for Williams.

Another outside kick for Williams. Now a punch lands for him. Solid right hand from Brown after a low kick.

Leg kick and an uppercut from Williams. Jabs from Brown and a front kick upstairs that just glances the target.

Brown back to the back now. Front kick attempt from Brown. jab lands for Brown, Williams punches in response comes up short.

Right hand from Williams and Brown drops to the mat in the center of the Octagon. Brown doesn’t stay down for long though and then he lands a big right hand hand. Now Williams seems troubled as Brown looks for more strikes.

Big swing and a miss for Brown, who stumbles into the cage and is then greeted by punches from Williams as he resets.

Elbow from Brown. Williams clinches up against the cage. Brown turns into him and lands a couple of knees. Superman punch from Williams lands.


A close fight then, with Williams dropping Brown a couple of times, but Brown appearing to be the slicker striker overall with his work from range and landing some big blows of his own over the course of three rounds, and that’s enough for him to eek out a split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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