Robert Whittaker delighted the Australian fans tonight at ‘UFC On FX 6’ by claiming a decision win over Brad Scott in a hard-fought fight to become the TUF: Smashes 170lb winner.

The two men attempt to find their range in the striking department in the opening minute before Scott closes the distances and clinches Whittaker up against the cage.

He doesn’t do a lot with the position though and eventually Whittaker breaks free.

Back to the striking they go and Scott looks to work a rangey jab, while Whittaker is looking for short bursts of explosive strikes.

Whittaker comes charging forward with a blizzard of straight punches and the last one connects clean and tips Scott backwards onto the mat. The Australian swarms on him with punches, but Scott still has his bearings and defends well before getting back to his feet.

In the final minute Whittaker launches forward and clips Scott again, but he stays on his feet this time. Scott lands a good kick to the mid-section and Whittaker lands another shot at the bell.

early in the second round it’s Scott who blitzes forward with a series of left hands before clinching up, but they break apart shortly afterwards and Whittaker is none the worse for wear.

There’s a brief break after Scott gets a groin kick and is given time to recover. Whittaker goes upstairs with a head kick and it just whizzes over his opponents head.

Scott clinches and lands some effective dirty boxing and then pretty much just shoves his opponent to the mat. Whittaker gets back up but Scott is on him and gets a more solid takedown and has his back, eventually working his hooks in.

Scott’s having trouble staying on Whittaker’s back though and he manages to break out and get back upright. The two exchange in the closing minute of the round before the bell sounds and that was definitely a better round for the UK fighter.

Back to the striking battle they went in the third round and Whittaker’s stepping up his offense again, pressing forward with another blitz of strikes that backs Scott up.

Scott ducks down for a takedown, but Whitakker defends it nicely and goes back to landing some nice shots.

Whittaker gets overly offensive and Scott’s able to nail him with a solid left that stops him in his tracks for a second.

Whittaker’s mixing in some effective elbow strikes into his offense now and he’s got the greater output right now, though Scott is hanging in there.

The Australian’s determined to leave it all in the cage though and mounts a few good flurries of strikes in the closing minutes which leaves Scott’s face covered in blood, but he’s still exchanging at the final bell and it’s now down to the judges to separate them.

It’s Whittaker who gets the unanimous nod on the scorecards (29-28 x3) and the Australian fans rejoice as their man becomes the TUF: Smashes 170lb ‘Ultimate Fighter’.