Ronda Rousey remains undefeated after a remarkably quick knockout finish against Alexis Davis in the co-main event of UFC 175 this evening.

Round One:

We’re underway in the co-main event of the evening. Rousey pumping the jab to begin. Rousey looking to exchange and Davis obliges, clipping her with a punch.

Rousey fires back and lands a solid right hand and connects with a big knee. She then immediately flows into a beautiful judo throw.

Rousey lands with Davis’ head trapped in scarf hold and starts raining down 10 unanswered blows to her head. Davis is completely helpless here and her arms go limp which mercifully the referee sees and brings an end to the fight.

Oh, and Rousey took just 16 seconds to produce the KO finish!

Davis is in such a daze after the fight that spends a good 15-20 seconds after coming too grappling with the referee, unaware of what’s going on.  When she does finally come too properly and realizes what’s happened she looks crestfallen.