Along with confirming Jose Aldo Vs Conor McGregor has been set for UFC 194 in Las Vegas on December 12th, UFC President Dana White also revealed last night that despite rumors, Ronda Rousey Vs Miesha Tate III won’t be taking place on the same card.

Speaking to Yahoo! Sports, White revealed that the decision not to hold Aldo Vs McGregor at the 100,000 seater Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas was behind the move to keep the two title fights separate from each other.

“[Rousey Vs Tate] isn’t going to be on the [Aldo-McGregor] card, for sure,” White said. “If we were going to go to Dallas Cowboys Stadium, that’s another story, but the MGM really wanted the fight and they made a huge effort for it and they got it. And it works out better for us to be in Las Vegas.”

In some ways it’s a shame as putting the UFC’s two biggest stars at this moment in time on the same card could potentially have sent the pay-per-view buy rate to levels we’ve rarely ever seen in mixed martial arts, but on the other hand keeping them apart means they can do a better job of promoting each one separately, and given the level of interest in both Rousey and McGregor right now, either is capable of drawing big numbers without the help of the other.