Rose Namajunas Defeats Jessica Andrade By Split Decision At UFC 251

Rose Namajunas Shaved head

Rose Namajunas earned a hard fought split decision victory over Jessica Andrade in their rematch tonight at UFC 251 on Fight Island.

Round One:

Missed leg kick to start from Andrade. She’s missing a few strikes early here as she tries to find her range against the taller Namajunas.

Namajunas with a left hand. Outside leg kick for Andrade. Now one for Namajunas after Andrade misses with an uppercut.

Right hand for Namajunas. Now a leg kick. Good right for ‘Thug’ Rose as Andrade tries to pressure forward.

leg kicks exchanged. Jab for Namajunas and then a left hook for Andrade. Nice connection from Namajunas on a punch.

Exchange of punches in close and Andrade found the mark there. Straight right for Namajunas. Brief clinch and Namajunas lands a knee to the body.

One-two for Namajunas. Now a right hand. Andrade tries for a takedown, but Namajunas punishes her already bloodied face with a knee for her troubles.

Missed head kick from Andrade thrown more in hope than expectation.

Round Two:

Mid-kick from Namajunas. Nice clean straight right from her. Jab for Andrade. Glancing left hook from Namajunas. Inside leg kick from Andrade. Kick to the arm from Thug Rose.

Namajunas tries a flying knee. Leg kick for Andrade. Push kick for Namajunas. Uppercut from Andrade. A couple of right hands tag Andrade. Body punch from Andrade as Namjunas works straight punches.

Solid left for Namajunas seemed to stop Andrade just for a second, but then it’s the Brazilian who lands a big punch of her own.

Another trade of punches. Flying knee from Namajunas but falls to the mat and has to get back up quickly.

Glancing left hook for Namajunas. Now a leg kick. Andrade with one of her own. Andrade pressing forward, but Namajunas crisp on the counter. Andrade clinches up, but it’s not long before Namajunas gets away.

Andrade lands a punch after getting inside of Namajunas’ lengthy punches. Andrade picking up the pace late in the round and starting to find the mark more with punches.

Round Three:

Jab for Namajunas. Andrade lands nicely to the body. Again to the body from Andrade and then upstairs. Namajunas with a jab. Now she lands to the body cleanly.

Glancing right from Namajunas and then a punch in return from Andrade. Jab from the Brazilian. Left hook for Andrade and a right sneaks through too.

Overhand right from Namajunas connects. Namjunas bleeding from the nose now. Right hand and then two lefts for Thug Rose.

Uppercut and hook from Namajunas. Good right hand from Andrade, but then Namajunas shows she’s ok by going for a flying knee.

Andrade looking to build momentum though and after a nice punch is able to land a takedown. Namajunas fishing for an armbar and then an triangle choke attempt too. Then she kicks away Andrade and gets up.

Big strike lands for Namajunas. Andrade fires back. Body punches from Andrade. Head kick attempt from Namajunas. Glancing left for her. Now a harder punch behind it.

Namajunas almost catches Andrade by surprise with a takedown, but Andrade does well to turn that to her advantage and get on top. They are back up to their feet quickly though.

Big jab for Andrade as she continnues to keep up the pressure. Now an uppercut. Namajunas hanging tough though and we’re heading to the judges here.


Good competitive fight here and in some ways its a pity there wasn’t two more rounds to settle this one more definitively, but after a good showing in the first two rounds it’s Namajunas who secures a split decision victory.

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