Tyron Woodley Submits Darren Till In Second Round At UFC 228 To Retain 170lb Title

Tyron Woodley defended his welterweight title in style tonight at UFC 228, first knocking down Darren Till with a right hand in the second round and then going on to beat him up with ground and pound before finishing off with a d’arce choke submission.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway at UFC 228 in Texas.

Till immediately takes the center of the Octagon. Woodley comes in with an early flurry which is somewhat unexpected. Then he lands a big knee upstairs.

He gets into the clinch and works Till to the cage. After some ultra-cautious fights from Woodley this is a surprise that he’s started so aggressively.

Woodley still working the body lock and trying to get the fight to the floor, but Till keeps upright and surprisingly the referee soon opts to seperate them.

Till pressuring forward again, but Woodley flurries with straight punches and backs the challenger up again.

Woodley with a punch to the body and a kick. Till still sizing him up and hasn’t let his own strikes go so far. He comes forward with urgency but Woodley lands a body punch.

Woodley with a single leg attempt, but Till shakes that off. However, Woodley goes for the clinch and presses him to the cage. Till preventing the takedown for now though and then reverses the position. The ref doesn’t wait long before seperating them though.

Body punch for Woodley again.Till closes the distance and lands a single short punch. Head kick attempt from Till is blcoked.

Round Two:

Till looking to make an impact early in th esecound round, but Woodley lands a big punch and rocks him. Woodley gets on top of him and starts blasting him with huge elbows. Till’s eating lots of big, punishing shots and for a moment almost looks to be on the verge of going unconscious.

Woodley continuing to drop down big elbows and there’s a cut emerging now. Till Starting to come alive from his back though as he looks to get his legs up fishing for a potential submission.

Woodley into half guard and looking to pass to full mount. Till scrambles out of that, but Woodley stays in high half guard and is landing some chopping elbows.

Now Woodley switching up to land punches. Till on his side and just trying to hang on in there with a minute to go in the round.

Woodley working for a d’arce choke and he’s got it in tight. It’s not long before Till is forced to tap at 4.19mins of the second round and not only defends his title in impressive fashion, but is also awarded with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt by his coach immediately afterwards.

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