Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman are currently deep into their training camps for their upcoming middleweight title fight at UFC 162 on July 6th and you can find out what they both think of each other below.

Anderson Silva:

“Weidman’s got good jiu-jitsu and great wrestling, but he needs work with his stand-up.”

“Wrestling’s not my best strength and I need to work on my wrestling. You have to be able to combine all the martial arts to be successful.”

“Every fighter makes mistakes, I just have to look for the right opportunity to capitalize on his mistakes.”

Chris Weidman:

Key Quotes:

“He’s a great champion for a reason, but he knows that I’m a really bad match-up (for him) and I’m a tougher opponent than some people might understand).”

“I’m a pressure-based fighter. I’m going to be walking forward and using my length, mixing up between my takedowns and my punches. I’m not going to be going backwards too much.”

“He’d be a fool not to respect me. When we step into the cage on July 6th he’s going to have respect for me.”