UFC Announces New Rewards Scheme For Fans

The UFC have announced a brand-new rewards scheme aimed at loyal fans of the promotion.

Fans can now sign up to the UFC Rewards scheme which will enable them to earn point in order to get their hands on, “limited-edition collectibles, exclusive experiences, and much more.”

Here’s more about how it all works from the new www.ufcrewards.com website…

“EARN points for doing all the things you already do with us:

Buying Pay-Per-View events
Subscribing to UFC FIGHT PUFC-logoASS
Reading UFC Rewards Emails
Attending live UFC events
Connecting with UFC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
And so much more

REDEEM your points for things that won’t be available anywhere else, including:

Once-in-a-lifetime UFC VIP access and experiences
Meet your favorite UFC fighters, Octagon Girls and even UFC President Dana White
Limited-edition and autographed memorabilia
Free Pay-Per-Views available on UFC.TV

We will be adding Activities and Rewards so come back often to see what is new.

Get as Good as You Give!”

And here’s a video to go with it…

If you’re interested you can sign up the scheme now at: https://www.ufcrewards.com/


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