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UFC Fight Night 54 TV Ratings

To watch the full UFC Fight Night 54 fight card on Saturday night you had to do a fair bit of channel hopping and that produced some interesting TV ratings.

Firstly came the preliminary card on FOX Sports 2, a channel known for it’s low ratings and that led to just 102,000 viewers tuning in.

Things then got messy with a baseball game over-running on FOX Sports 1 which meant that the UFC Fight Night 54 main card was switched over to FX instead.

That didn’t bode well for the ratings and indeed only an average of 413,000 viewers watched the main card on the FX channel.

However, there was some good news as when the baseball game eventually finished, FOX Sports 1 were able to broadcast the final hour of the UFN 54 event at the same time as FX, delivering an additional 799,000 viewers in addition to the 456,000 who were watching on FX at the time, meaning that in total that approximately 60 minute segment was watched by a combined 1,267,000 viewers.

It’s probably not worth drawing too many conclusions from the show’s ratings considering how disjointed the coverage was over the course of the evening, but given that UFN 54 had a fairly underwhelming line-up and was the UFC’s second show of the day (UFN 53 aired earlier in the day on Fight Pass), it’s likely that they weren’t expecting big things from the event anyway.

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