Prior to ‘The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale’ recently the UFC partnered with music site ‘Spotify’ to offer fans the chance to vote for two different song’s to be played as walk-in music during the show.

Spotify are said to be delighted with the end result which broke a company record, with four times as many people voting than previous campaigns from other major brands like Universal Pictures, Subaru and Gillette.

“UFC and music are quite synonymous because of the walkout music,” says Spotify spokesman Graham James. “They were going to fans where they live and breathe on Facebook and using music — a medium they could relate to.”

It’s not surprising that the promotion was a success when you consider the UFC’s strong social media presence, with nearly 9 million people currently ‘liking’ the official UFC page on Facebook.

I must admit this campaign completely passed me by, but it sounds like a good idea and perhaps something that they should consider doing on a more regular basis to keep fans engaged and entertained on Facebook.