UFC Results: Chad Mendes Finishes Clay Guida By TKO

Chad Mendes staked his claim for another featherweight title shot tonight at UFC 164 with a third round TKO stoppage of Clay Guida.

Round One

The fight’s underway with Guida taking the center of the cage and letting off a few punches that fail to connect.

Mendes wades in with a looping punch that just misses. Mendes connects with a solid kick and Guida lands a counter punch.

Big overhand right just fizzes past Guida’s head. Lots of movement from Guida then they exchange strikes in close.

Mendes suddenly has Guida down and trying for a choke, but Guida escapes and Mendes backs away to his feet.

Guida appears to have a small cut near his left eye now. Mendes tries a takedown, but it’s unsuccessful. Mendes steps forward and Guida meets him with a little three-piece combo.

Mendes moves in and lands a nice takedown with around a minute of the round to go. Not a whole lot happening and Mendes spins around to Guida’s back just as the round ends.

Round Two

Little left hook lands for Mendes to start off the second round. Guida tries for a couple of kicks that both miss.

Lots of movement, but not a whole lot landing. Guida lands a leg kick and Mendes one in return that’s harder.

Guida jumps forward with a kick that lands to the groin and forces a brief stoppage. They exchanges quick strikes right away and then Guida attempts a takedown, but Mendes ends up taking his back briefly before they go back upright.

Mendes runs in with another takedown, but Guida stuffs it. Soon after it’s Guida who’s dropping down for the takedown and Mendes sprawls to stop it.

Back on the feet Mendes fires in a couple of uppercuts. Mendes gets Guida down again and as he gets back to his feet ‘Money’ lands a solid knee shot.

Guida pressing forward aggressively, but still not landing a whole lot. Guida rushes for a takedown and Mendes dodges it and uses the momentum to get his opponent down just for a brief moment before they separate.

Guida moving forward again and fails with a takedown attempt. Mendes looking very sharp tonight and that’s the end of the round.

Round Three

Aggressive start from Guida looking to get loose with punches and kicks, but a single right hand in return from Mendes drops him to the mat.

Guida’s tough though and fights to get back up to his feet. Mendes unleashes more strikes though and another right hand lands flush and drops him down to the mat again. a few more strikes follow and it’s all over, Mendes gets the TKO stoppage 30 seconds into the third round.

Impressive stuff from Mendes who becomes the first fighter to stop Guida with strikes.

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