Chael Sonnen showed there’s more to his game than dominant wrestling tonight at UFC On FOX Sports 1 as he tapped out Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua with a guillotine choke late in the first round.

The main event is underway and predictably Sonnen barrels in straight away with a takedown. ‘Shogun’ gets back up to his feet via the cage though and then did something far more surprising – he took Sonnen down!

Sonnen goes for a guillotine choke and then uses that to escape and almost takes ‘Shogun’s back before settling for the clinch against the cage.

Sonnen goes for the throw and lands it, ending up in ‘Shogun’s half-guard. Sonnen with some short shots. ‘Shogun’ sits up and works the butterfly hook in but can’t escape.

Decent ground and pound from Sonnen and ‘Shogun’ attempts to roll out before returning to his back with Sonnen still in half-guard.

‘Shogun’ briefly tries for a guillotine, but can’t hook it in. More short punches from Sonnen, nothing too damaging though.

‘Shogun’ is finally able to get up, but he’s moved straight into a very deep guillotine choke from Sonnen who drops down to the mat with it.

Shogun is trying to find a way out, but it’s in too tight and he’s forced to tap with only thirteen seconds of the round remaining!

Great job by Sonnen, winning in a way that few would have predicted. He’s now expected to move down to 185lbs and called out Wanderlei Silva in his post-fight interview.