UFC Results: Chris Weidman Knocks Out Showboating Anderson Silva


Anderson Silva paid the ultimate price for showboating tonight in front of Chris Weidman at UFC 162 as he got caught with a knockout blow that ends his unparalleled unbeaten run.

We’re underway in the main event. Weidman goes for the early takedown and Silva looks to have initially stuffed it, but then Weidman continues and gets him to the mat.

Weidman throws a few strikes from Silva’s half guard. He postures up and gets another couple of punches off. Weidman attempts to pass the guard, but is unsuccessful and stands up over Silva. A few punches land as he stands over him.

Weidman drops down for a heel hook, but Silva stays calm and manages to spin out and back to his feet.

Silva calmly walks around the Octagon and Wiedman stands in front of him. He closes the distance and throws a few punches as Silva keeps his hands low and they land.

More lows hands from Silva and he takes what Weidman dishes out then fires back with a kick.

He continues to motion Weidman forward. Weidman’s being cautious though and not taking full advantage of it, and perhaps for good reason as you never know what Silva’s going to do next.

Silva fires off a head kick. He’s expending more energy motioning Weidman to fight than actually unleashing his offense.

The round closes and the two men hug briefly.

Round two opens with Silva still in playful mode, pretending to be wobbled by a Weidman punch. He throws off a Bruce Lee style side kick. Weidman attempts a takedown and Silva stuffs it.

More showboating from Silva pretending to be hurt by a punch, but Weidman wades forward with more punches and while Silva is able to avoid a few, a left hook connects and absolutely starches him, toppling him to the canvas like a felled tree.

He follows up with a few ground and pound punches, but Silva’s already done and the fight’s over, Weidman’s won by KO!

So Silva’s 16 fight unbeatean run in the UFC finally comes to an end, and his remarkable title reign comes to a close, and by knockout of all things.

He’s only got himself to blame though as this loss was largely down to his in-cage antics which he’s successfully managed to get away with in the past, sometimes to jaw-dropping effect, but on this occasion his luck finally ran out and all credit to Weidman for bringing it to him and securing one of the biggest wins in UFC history.

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