UFC Results: Junior Dos Santos KO’s Mark Hunt In Stunning Fashion

Junior Dos Santos not only did the unthinkable by knocking out Mark Hunt tonight at UFC 160, but he did so with a spinning heel kick in the final minute of the fight!

Hunt goes for a low leg kick to start. Dos Santos keeps his range then steps in with a big right hand.

Dos Santos continuing to try to step in from range, but Hunt is timing him really well and clipping him on the way in.

However, then it suddenly works for Dos Santos as he comes in and lands a massive blow that fells Hunt.

Strangely Dos Santos doesn’t fully capitalize on the situation and Hunt gets back upright on wobbled legs as the former champion backs away.

Hunt regains his senses and appears ok. He tries to wade him with some huge blows, but they miss as JDS circles away.

Dos Santos continuing to keep his distance, he’s fighting at a measured pace. Hunt comes forward aggressively and lands a spinning backfist, but ‘Cigano’ takes it.

In the final minute Dos Santos gets a little more aggressive, landing a kick to the midsection and then a looping right hand.

Another big, winging right hand scores for JDS, but Hunt’s ok and the round comes to a close.

Onto round two and JDS is still maintaining his range. Hunt closes the gap with punches, but doesn’t get a good connection.

Dos Santos lands another one of those big overhand rights that have been so successful for him so far in the fight.

They both exchange punches and Dos Santos gets the better of it. Quick hands being displayed by the Brazilian as he lands a jab, then to the body, then back upstairs again.

Another bombing right hand connects for Hunt. Good shots, but not having quite the same effect as that one massive blow in the first round.

Getting a little looser now JDS tries a spinning kick, but it misses. Hunt backs him up towards the cage and lands a big punch. Up against the fence they trade blows toe-to-toe and Hunt’s getting the better of it.

They split apart and soon after Dos Santos goes for his first takedown of the fight and lands it. A few shots land for JDS and he moves into side control. Into the final 10 seconds of the round and Hunt gets up to his feet, but is met with a couple of shots as he does so.

Round three underway and Hunt tries to cut Dos Santos off again and flurry against the cage, but JDS circles out of danger.

Hunt lands a couple of leg kicks. A littles stand-off and then Hunt comes forward again and lands with a left hand.

Dos Santos throws a left and a right and follows up with a body kick. He flicks out with the jab and then wings that big right hand, but doesn’t connect cleanly as Hunt ducks out of danger.

JDS working the jab nicely to keep Hunt at bay and then lands a stinging right. Hunt tries a body kick, but JDS almost catches it.

Hunt wings in a big punch that misses. JDS lands a nice uppercut. Both men connect at the same time – Hunt with a straight punch that doesn’t do much damage, but simultaneously JDS scores big with a left hook.

Then out of nowhere with less than a minute to go Dos Santos suddenly goes for a spinning heel kick and it lands to Hunt’s head and sends him crashing to the mat. A big strike on the ground follows and Hunt’s out!!

Dos Santos Jumps up and over the Octagon where he’s congratulated by Mike Tyson who’s in the crowd, while Hunt tries to get to his feet only to stagger across the Octagon and then hastily sit down on a stool to regain his bearings.

Amazing finish for Dos Santos, not only finding a way to stop one of MMA’s toughest fighters, but doing so in spectacular style. This will surely be enough to secure the former champion another shot at the heavyweight title against the winner of tonight’s main event.


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