Leonardo Santos became the winner of TUF: Brazil 2 tonight at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 10’ after producing a second round submission victory over William Patolino.

After a few punches thrown this fight settles into a clinch battle against the cage. Santos would like to get this fight down, but it’s Patolino who looks stronger and appears to be outmuscling him before breaking free.

Patolino gets in close and lands a nice takedown of his own. He’s working a little ground and pound here in short bursts. Santos is a very good BJJ player, but isn’t looking for too much offensively from his back here so far.

Eventually he does manage to get his feet under him and gets back to his feet. Before long Santos works back into the clinch. He attempts a trip, but it doesn’t work and Patolino’s in the favorable position as they hit the mat and is attempting to take his back as the round ends.

Onto round two then and Santos looks for the early takedown on a couple of occasions, but each time Patolino stuffs him fairly easily.

A couple of punches land for Patolino and Santos scores a nice knee to the midsection. You’d think trading on the feet like this would suit Patolino, but then he swoops for another takedown and lands it.

He works Santos up against the cage and is looking to land ground and pound, but leaves too much room and Santos pops back up to his feet.

They clinch up again and Santos goes for the takedown, but Patolino grabs the cage and prevents it, instead ending up on top himself. That’s illegal and the referee stops the fight and stands them back up – warning Patolino but not taking away a point.

Back to it they go and Santos lands a nice punch that stumbles Patolino slightly, but he just smiles as if it didn’t really hurt him.

Santos again going in for the clinch and this time he does land a big takedown and for the first time in the fight he’s securely in top position.

He wastes no time taking advantage of the position, looking for an arm triangle. He has to adjust a little to get it locked up fully, but Patolino never really looked like getting out of it and eventually was forced to tap with just 17 seconds of the second round remaining.

It’s an emotional win not only for Santos, but also for his friend and team-mate, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo who celebrates with him afterwards and has tears in his eyes as he watches him being declared the winner.