Robbie Lawler continues to impress at 170lbs with a big head kick finish over Bobby Voelker tonight at UFC On FOX 8 rounding off an assured striking performance.

The two men circle each other in the center of the octagon as this one gets underway. The first significant strike that lands is a leg kick from Voelker and it’s followed by a knee to the body from Lawler.

Suddenly Lawler drags Voelker to the mat, but he’s not able to keep him their and he settles for clinching him up against the cage. He fires off a couple of knees and it’s already apparent that Voelker’s got a cut to his face, perhaps from one of those knees.

They break apart and exchange strikes in the center of the cage. Lawler fires off a rare head kick, but it’s blocked. Another head kick from Lawler and shortly afterwards he fires off a flying knee as well. Lawler’s really mixing things up, stepping in with an elbow strike.

Voelker not offering too much in return at this stage, though he does break off a solid body kick. Lawler continuing to pressure his opponent and appears to be having fun out there as he unleashes another flying knee prior to the bell.

Onto the second round and Lawler has a little slip from a missed punch. That doesn’t throw him off for long though as he resets himself and then fires off a head kick that connects cleanly and fells Voelker like a tree. A single punch follows on the mat from Lawler and that’s enough for the referee who steps in and calls an end to the fight.

When assessing this fight you have to bear in mind that Voelker is far from a top fighter in the division and was called in at short notice, but nonetheless, it’s easy to see that Lawler is riding a new wave of confidence after returning to the UFC and dropping to welterweight and it’s paying off inside the Octagon with some of his best performances in years.

Being a proven finisher he’s the type of fighter that fans love to watch and if he continues this kind of form then he’s going to make a swift ascent up the 170lb ranks.