Not a particularly exciting fight, but Ryan Jimmo did enough to grind out a decision win over Igor Pokrajac tonight at UFC 161 in Winnepeg.

Swift leg kick from Jimmo to start and Pokrajac responds with a flurry of strikes while pressing forward, but Jimmo reverses out of danger.

Jimmo looks to clinch up against the cage, but the referee quickly breaks them apart. Jimmo quickly goes back to the same position though and the same thing occurs so they reset in the center of the Octagon.

Jimmo lands the jab nicely and Pokrajac again aggressively pushes forward with lefts and rights before clinching.

Yet another reset from the referee, but the fighters aren’t taking the hint and Jimmo goes right back into the clinch. This time they break apart themselves though and Pokrajac gets off a nice little combo before Jimmo clinches yet again.

Deja Vu as they are separated once more. Pokrajac practically running forward as looks to land his strikes, but Jimmo’s quick and largely staying out of trouble while occasionally darting in with a strike of his own.

Pokrajac isn’t put off though and again runs into range and this time a few shots do connect, but while Jimmo staggers slightly he seems to be ok and is moving freely as the round comes to a close.

Jimmo’s definitely quicker than Pokrajac and he’s getting in and out with a few punches and a kick to start round two.

Then he lands a right hand that initially wobbles Pokrajac before he buckles to the mat. He seems to be ok though, but Jimmo gets into his guard and starts to look for a little ground and pound.

Jimmo’s corner are shouting instructions at him, and he jokingly says, “Blah, Blah, Blah” in response.

Pokrajac’s just trying to limit Jimmo’s offense here by tying up his wrists and doing a fairly good job, though Jimmo does get a few punches through. Then comes some short elbows, but nothing too damaging yet and Pokrajac lands a few punches of his own and then a good upkick.

Jimmo moves to side control with less that minute of the round to go. He seems happy to just maintain the position though rather than land much in the way of offense and so we’re on to round three.

Back to the clinch work Jimmo goes to start the final five minutes. Pokrajac looks for the takedown and it seems he’s got it, but Jimmo instantly reverses it and ends up on top in his guard.

Jimmo appears content to just grind out the round here, slowly working his opponent towards the cage and landing just a few strikes in the process. Pokrajac manages to secure a guillotine choke, but he’s in an awkward spot against the cage and has to let it go.

Into the final minute and Pokrajac works back to his feet, though he’s met with a knee to the head on his way up.

Jimmo clinching again and they’re broken up with 20 seconds to go. Pokrajac tries to let his hands go, but Jimmo’s happy to just play spoiler and clinches again until the final bell.

On to the scorecards then and Jimmo’s done enough to earn a unanimous decision win (30-27 x3).