Along with Chael Sonnnen, UFC President Dana White also appeared on FOX Sports 1 yesterday to give his reaction to the news that the fighter had failed a drug test.

In the interview White appeared to be in Sonnen’s corner, claiming that the Nevada State Athletic Commission hadn’t done a good job of helping fighters transition off Testosterone Replacement Therapy after deeming that it was now a banned treatment back in February.

He also feels that NSAC should have done a better job of laying out the rules after the ban came into effect.

In addition White pointed out that Sonnen was also taking the anti-esterogen drugs due to fertility issues he was experiencing, and that this had proven to be successful since his wife is now pregnant.

He did however also acknowledge that Sonnen had to shoulder some of the blame here since he never contacted NSAC to tell them what he was doing in order to come off TRT and find out whether it was legal or not.

White also denied that there’s a rampant drug problem in the sport, stressing that only five fighters out of the 500 on the roster were ever on TRT in the first place.

Watch White’s full FOX Sports 1 interview below.