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Askren: “I can 100% make a career in ONE FC.”

Last week, I wrote an article arguing that newly-crowned, ONE FC welterweight champion and former Bellator champion, Ben Askren, should stay with ONE FC. I argued that not only would the “funky” one be treated better under ONE than under the UFC, but that with ONE’s gradual expansion over Asia, there is a good chance it could compete with the UFC one day.

Well, it appears the undefeated, former Olympian and I are in agreement. In a recent interview with Inside MMA, Askren confirmed that he was being treated well in ONE FC, and that the company was a “rapidly growing” organization. When asked if he could make a career fighting in ONE, Askren answered:

“I can one-hundred percent make a career fighting in ONE FC. Not only are they a great organization and taking great care of me, they’re a rapidly growing organization.”

Much of the interview centered on Askren’s dislike of UFC president, Dana White. “Funky” described the “Baldfather” as a “chameleon” who frequently changed his stance on fighters. Askren also warned that many fighters would leave the UFC if it didn’t start treating them better, and that organizations like Bellator and ONE would threaten the MMA giant’s monopoly.

The entire interview can be seen below:

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